Our Services

Everything is simple and straightforward 😇

📲 Mobile Internet - Physical SIM 🔵

🤘 With a physical SIM, you get great internet across Europe, and where 5G is available, our service works on it too.

👉 Your bundle activates right after purchase, remains valid for 30 days and you can:

 Travel across Europe with just one SIM;

 Share megabytes with friends;

 If needed, you purchase a new bundle directly from your personal account.

👉 You have additional options available in your personal account:

 You can add new SIM;

 When you're back from travelling, you can park your number if you need to reuse it after some time. Parking service will prevent SIM termination;

😉 Signing up is simple. Select your preferred bundle on our website and pay with a VISA/MasterCard. You'll receive your SIM card either via 🚴‍♀ courier or 📍 pick it up at one of our service points, according to your preference.

✈ When in Europe, insert the SIM into your phone and switch on data roaming

📲 Mobile Internet - eSIM 🔴

 🤘 With eSIM you get best internet worldwide.

  Most bundles activate upon arrival in their respective countries – detailed information is provided in bundle details;

✅ You can select bundles for specific countries or regions; 

✅ You can purchase additional bundles as needed directly from your personal cabinet;

✅ You can easily add multiple eSIMs from your personal cabinet.

😉 Registration is the easiest - you choose the desired bundle on our website and pay for the it with a VISA/MasterCard card, then you will automatically go to the personal cabinet page, where the eSIM QR code will be displayed.

☝️  Activating a specific eSIM on your mobile phone using the QR code is a one-time process.