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About Us

mobineX is a startup company full of new ideas, big goals and plans. 🤟 In short, technological developments have allowed us to create a virtual mobile operator in the UK that offers customers a full range of mobile services such as calls, SMS and mobile internet. 🤙 In 2023, our mobile operator started operating, and today we can surely say: mobineX - the first Georgian mobile operator - is successfully operating.

How and why mobineX Travel SIM was created

As we are already a UK based mobile operator, we have access to the fastest and cheapest internet. 💥 Today, we provide users with both physical SIM cards throughout Europe and eSIMs worldwide. In countries where 5G is available, we provide it for you. ✈️ Internet is the most necessary thing today while traveling. And the kind of internet that you don't have to look for right after landing. ✈️ 💣That's why we addressed your necessity with our capability and created mobineX Travel SIM. ✌️ MobineX is the ideal solution for travelers.

Our Partners